Saturday, 14 March 2009

I hated yesterday....

Oh shiz,

yesterday was the worst day of my igsistance to date. In August i didnt pay for a train ticket and got stopped by a 'offical station officer' who asked me for my name, occupation and address, I told him i was called Tim Wong, a 23 year old scaffolder who lived in 23 Mayble Lane? . He phoned up some whore and found out that 23 Mayble Lane didnt exist and i think he could tell by my eyes that i wasent Mr Wong. - Anyway he got my real name out of me and said that South West Trains would get back to me.

3 months later they did and said that i had to pay £100 or go to anything that bothers me in my life i ignored it and hoped that they would forget about me.- they didnt and now i have to pay £215.60p. Lovley

Then after Paula-Jane screaming that im a 'stuped immature bastard' for 20 minutes it was time for me to go to work, so i put on my mushy pea uniform. As I got to the bus stop the fucking bus went straight past me. great.

I finally got to work, apoligised that i was late and go to my till.
to top the whole day off Gavin (the slightly disabled guy with hearing aids) askedme if i wanted his number...........

That was my day of hell.

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