Saturday, 14 March 2009

16 Facts aubout: Luke Daryl Mcghie.

1. I was born in Thurrock, Essex
.2. I am dyslexic.
3. I have a small outline of a heart tattoed on my wrist, as does one of my close friends.
4. I have been to Australia, Mauritius, Singapore, Turkey, France, Spain and America.
5. I have a stepbrother also called Luke.
6. I never/rarely cry.
7. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and discovering Dani,Holly and Rosie is worth the £3,000 debt.
8. My nickname from a certain someone is Babs.
9. I look like a oversized mushy pea in my work uniform.
10. I quite like being sick
11. When i have my Ipod in, I pretend that im in my own music video.
12. I love photos.
13. I'm addicted to Laura marling music.
14. I have Spanish im my blood, but it was my bastard brother that got the Olive skin.
15. I didn't study History, Geography, Language or R.E in school.
16. I have a gunt.

I love my Shi Tzus.


I love charity shops.

Today me and the Nan went to the lovley Eastleigh to go to the charity shops.

I love Charity Shops, today i got some skinny jeans for just £3 and a jumper at 50p,

I also got some music including the Classics:

Shaggy - it wasn't me

Cleopatra - Cleopatra's Theme

B*witched - rollercoaster


Run dmc - it's like that ( all at 4 for a pound)

this is another reason i ♥ Charity Shops, even if they do smell like a dirty colon.

I hated yesterday....

Oh shiz,

yesterday was the worst day of my igsistance to date. In August i didnt pay for a train ticket and got stopped by a 'offical station officer' who asked me for my name, occupation and address, I told him i was called Tim Wong, a 23 year old scaffolder who lived in 23 Mayble Lane? . He phoned up some whore and found out that 23 Mayble Lane didnt exist and i think he could tell by my eyes that i wasent Mr Wong. - Anyway he got my real name out of me and said that South West Trains would get back to me.

3 months later they did and said that i had to pay £100 or go to anything that bothers me in my life i ignored it and hoped that they would forget about me.- they didnt and now i have to pay £215.60p. Lovley

Then after Paula-Jane screaming that im a 'stuped immature bastard' for 20 minutes it was time for me to go to work, so i put on my mushy pea uniform. As I got to the bus stop the fucking bus went straight past me. great.

I finally got to work, apoligised that i was late and go to my till.
to top the whole day off Gavin (the slightly disabled guy with hearing aids) askedme if i wanted his number...........

That was my day of hell.

The best Sunday of my life...

So me and louisa woke up really yesterday morning 7.30 to be exact to the voice of louisa's mum asking if we wanted to go to the car boot sale, we took one look at look at a bottle of wine a pink wig, lepord skin coat blusher some mixmatched clothes and we were off!

By the time we arrived at la booty we where pissed as parrots jumping around stall to stall, everything was going peaches geldoff until....a bunch of chavs started shouting QUEER!!!!
That wasnt the worst though as a lady at the dog stool kindly explaned that she didnt mind 'my type' as her flatmate was born Clive and is now Sarah!?! - fucking bitch! - She thought i was a TRANNY! Louisa fitted in as most of the people where screaming dirty chavs with far too much blusher than sense.
The best part of the day was when we where at the meat stall, the man on the mic was shouting look its luke and louisa while people clapped and we danced the funky chicken.
Then the man from the home cooked cakes stall gave us free boxes of cakes, i think he thought we where mentally challenged and by doing this he would get good karma.
I love car boot sales today was the best sunday of my life.