Saturday, 14 March 2009

16 Facts aubout: Luke Daryl Mcghie.

1. I was born in Thurrock, Essex
.2. I am dyslexic.
3. I have a small outline of a heart tattoed on my wrist, as does one of my close friends.
4. I have been to Australia, Mauritius, Singapore, Turkey, France, Spain and America.
5. I have a stepbrother also called Luke.
6. I never/rarely cry.
7. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and discovering Dani,Holly and Rosie is worth the £3,000 debt.
8. My nickname from a certain someone is Babs.
9. I look like a oversized mushy pea in my work uniform.
10. I quite like being sick
11. When i have my Ipod in, I pretend that im in my own music video.
12. I love photos.
13. I'm addicted to Laura marling music.
14. I have Spanish im my blood, but it was my bastard brother that got the Olive skin.
15. I didn't study History, Geography, Language or R.E in school.
16. I have a gunt.

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